Which is the one big place where you could find the right mix of various classes of Indian society?  It’s nowhere, but at the premises of Indian Railway where more than 25 million passengers are transported in a single day.

Southern Railway is no exception to this unique mix of population.  This is why we chose Railway Advertising as our core pursuit and we are proud to say that we are the No.1 Railway Advertising Agency in Kerala with extensive experience in advertising throughout Southern Railway, South Central Railway, South Western Railway and East Coast Railway.

We are the first company who branded Himasagar Express, the longest running train in India which runs between Jammu Tawi Railway Station in the extreme north of India and Kanyakumari Railway Station in the extreme south covering 3700 kms.

Our line of innovative and effective ad programs through Railway include:

Train Branding

  • which is the wrapping of an entire coach or even a train, while it moves across Kerala like a hoarding with a long canvass having double side exposure.  The densely populated landscape of Kerala ensures maximum visibility to the train ads throughout its journey across Kerala in the day time.

Station Boards

  • Put at vantage points at many stations across Kerala, they look elegant and aesthetic.
  • More than 50 trains passing through each stations ensuring extensive exposure to all these boards.
  • Installed in uncluttered ambience unlike the highway hoardings.
  • Unparalleled periodical maintenance ensures perfect wellbeing of the boards.
  • Highly economical compared to highway hoardings and other media.

Dual Display Information System (DDIS)

  • being introduced at all major stations, first-of-its-kind in Kerala.
  • Display of Video Advertisements and Railway Ticketing information with High Definition 20” monitors mounted right in front of the Ticketing & Reservation Counters (less audio support).
  • All screens will display the ticketing information of the passenger at the counter at 1/3 space at the bottom of the screen leaving 2/3 of the screen to display Video Ads.
  • Apart from the passenger at the counter, the whole population in the long queues and other passing audience will hook their eyes to these electronic medium as long as they remain in the hall.
  • The advertisement is aired in a captive and uncluttered ambience.
  • Videos, Flash files or Jpeg images can be used for advertising.
  • Highly cost effective compared to other less popular ad medium like Theater ads or Hoardings.
  • 150 screens across 55 Bustling Railway stations of Northern Kerala in our first phase and nearly same number for the second phase covering Central & Southern Kerala.

TV Commercials

  • with live streaming facilities to enhance client satisfaction – a pioneering project in Kerala.
  • LED TV sets installed at ideal distance ensuring full coverage of the entire vantage area of the Railway station.
  • Non-stop working from 8am to 8pm on 365 days in a year.
  • Advertisements will be broadcasted mixed with hit movie songs and scrolling news to keep the audience attached to it.
  • Additional Audio support with external speakers offering most pleasurable hearing experience to the audience.
  • First-of-its-kind in Kerala, we dare to live stream this broadcasting on our website so that our clients could SEE & BELIEVE that their ads are broadcasted as expected by viewing it on their own screen.

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