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Black and White Creations is a reputed advertising company located in Kochi that provides services to various media such as Print, TV, Radio, Outdoor, Online, and Events especially in railway advertising. Black & White Creations is the number one advertising agency in railway advertising for the past 18 years in Southern Railway, South Central Railway, South Western Railway, and East Coast Railway. It was even honored by the Limca Book of Records for being the first advertising agency in India to execute a railway advertising campaign for a political party. We offer many marketing options in the advertising industry, among which railway advertising is unique and economical. Black & White Creations initially started its functioning by providing services in railway advertisements, and now it has become the top advertising agency in railway advertising. Established in 2005 under the vision of Mr. Anwar A.T, Managing Director, Black and White Creations has achieved great excellence. Today, the company has expanded its branches to the central part of India, which signifies the excellence that the company has acquired over a period of 18 years in all advertising divisions. Our renowned services comprise various activities to promote brands from their early stages to established ones.



Anwar A.T

He is a man of vision who foresees ahead of time and strives hard to maintain values in business. He has contributed a vital part in the formation of five diverse ventures in the advertising, fashion, entertainment, and automobile industries.  He acts as the managing director of Black and White Creations, Espanio Events, Black and White Productions, C.E.O of Electro Green Motors, and Chairman of Sajaa’s Designer Boutique. He is the person who introduced railway advertising in Kerala for the first time, and Black and White Creations is running ahead on the tracks of triumph under his captaincy. 

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Reach a wider audience and increase your brand’s exposure with railway advertising. Our agency can help you create effective campaigns that capture the attention of commuters and travelers. Contact us today to learn more about our railway advertising services and how we can help promote your brand in railway stations and trains. It takes less than a minute of your time. Or you may simply call +91 916 917 33 44.

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